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Leasing a vehicle in Spain

Leasing a vehicle, tends to be called renting a car in Spain, and it works differently from other countries.

Advantages to lease a vehicle

You can save a lot of money by leasing rather than buying when you like to renovate your vehicle every 3 to 5 years. The main benefit of a car leasing in Spain is that it is economical and less hassle than owning the vehicle.

Unlike the UK all you need to do when you have leased a car in Spain is either just put fuel in or if it is electric, charge it.

The insurance, taxes, maintenance, breakdown, tyres, ITV (after 4 years) and legal are all included in the monthly payment. So, no worries about all these things that you would have to do if you owned a car in Spain.
Autolease offers a variety of vehicles at prices according to the mileage you would be doing each year and the term of the lease contract. But prices start nowadays from as little as €231 plus I.V.A. per month, sometimes less…. That would be for a Fiat 500 Cult 1.0 Hybrid. Obviously, the less kilometres per year and the longer time of the contract lease, the cheaper the monthly payment will be to lease your vehicle in Spain.

You will need to know when you want to start the lease contract, how long you want the lease term to be, anything from 2-5 years although there are some exceptions to that as well. The budget you have and the maximum you are willing to spend each month. If possible Autolease will need to know what type of vehicle you are looking for, bear in mind that the more options you choose the faster and better Autolease can obtain the deal for you.

Autolease stipulate that it is desirable to be under 70 years old under contracts length, although in some cases have been able to extend that age a little. Also, that you have been a resident in Spain for over 1 year, again in some circumstances this may be waivered.

You will need to have available the following documents to be accepted for a lease car in Spain. Or if you have been managing your Spanish online banking over a year, you may be valid for a quick e-bank credit approval. Just contact and let us know.

renting coches malaga

Standard requested documents or data for an Expat Car lease Approval may be:

  • Passport and NIE / TIE
  • Valid Driver’s Licence
  • Spanish and UK Bank Statements – 3 months
  • Rental Agreement or Escritura (Deeds of Property)
  • Utility Bill in your name / Empadronamiento Certificate
  • Pension Certificate or Work Contract
  • P60
  • Last Tax return (preferably Spanish)
  • Last 3 payslip or VAT declarations (IVA mod 390 and 303) actual and previous year

    *As possible support Spouses/Husbands Income as well as all their documents

Having all these documents makes it so much easier to be accepted straightaway for your New Car lease in Spain. Under a manual proposal processing times for approval will vary from 2 to 3 working days once all the information has been properly supplied.

Once your proposal is approved and contracts are signed your New Car will be ordered or booked.

Delivery times vary considerably, and to ensure that you can get the car you want at your desired time. The usual process time is about 5 weeks if the car is available in stock.

It will then be delivered to your home address in whatever time scale Autolease has stated.

A Brand, New Sparkling Car

Autolease will still be on hand to help you or if you come across any problems once you have taken possession of your lease car in Spain.

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